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I am a retired Professor of Media Studies. I spent 25+ years nurturing the creativity of others. Now that I have retired from teaching, it’s time to nurture my own creativity. This website is one way of doing that.

I think of myself as primarily a documentary photographer. I try to capture the very best image I can in the field, then work with a small range of digital tools to improve the image without altering its essential actuality. Having written that, I have to admit that I am beginning to "play" with the images a bit more and will likely continue to do so as I continue to develop my skills. My subject matter includes sports car racing, events, nature, landscapes, scenics, and people. All photos on this site are © William Deering, all rights reserved.

These range from short videos of what I see (video vignettes) or more thoughtfully planned projects (such as travels or mini-docs of whatever subjects interest me). I might eventually include some informational or instructional videos. All videos on this site are © William Deering, all rights reserved.

WRITING: could be anything, from an assignment in a course I'm taking (and I will be taking courses from time to time) to whatever piques my curiosity or whatever I feel like sharing. It might be factual; it might be fiction; it might even be poetic. All writings on this site are © William Deering, all rights reserved.

Socrates (469-339 B.C.): “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

My response: “The uncreative life is not worth living.”